Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Departing from Flames of War for a moment, I'd like to return to my first love: Warhammer 40,000. 

After spending several years on my Imperial Guard force (think Zulu Wars British soldiers in space), I wanted to take on a new challenge: Chaos Space Marines. These chaps used to be mankind's greatest defenders....now they're its most vile group of traitors.

I picked up a three pack of Chaos Space Marines from my local gaming shop and went right to work. After much deliberation I settled on the Nightkillers chapter. Three hours or so later, this was the result:

Overall, they were a joy to paint! I'm really pleased with how the color scheme worked on these models. My next challenge is to finish up a Chaos Space Marine Terminator Lord that's been sitting on my desk since September. What is a Terminator Lord, you may ask? It's basically a giant guy in Iron Man-esque power armor and spikes. That sums it up pretty well.