Friday, December 7, 2012

Work in Progress: Bailed Panzer Crew

I've had these dismounted German tankers sitting on my desk since September, so I finally decided to start working on them last night. At 1 am. That's how I roll with these things it often seems.

I recently picked up a copy of Devil's Charge, the new Flames of War book that focuses on the German offensive in the Ardennes during December 1944. Since I'm putting together a list based on Kampfgruppe Peiper, I thought it appropriate to make these fellows Waffen-SS.

I used this tutorial from the Battlefront website for the pea dot camouflage uniforms. It really helped out and made the whole process quite simple.

I think the camo turned out pretty well, but I still have a lot of work to do on these guys. I'm still learning how to properly paint 15mm figures and I think these figures will be a good test of my skills. I don't think they're too bad for a first attempt, though.

One thing I'm not happy with, however, is my choice of basing material. I used some air drying modelling clay, but it's cracking and starting to come off the actual base. Someone online suggested using something called Golden Coarse Pumice Gel, so I think I'll give that a shot next time.

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