Friday, May 3, 2013

Return & New Basing Technique

Hello once again everyone!

I apologize for the long absence, but things have been rather busy lately. About five months ago I moved from Los Angeles, California to Washington, DC in order to pursue my graduate degree. Between classes I have been working two rather awesome jobs at local historic sites, and volunteering my (limited) free time at another. But alas, the time to work on miniatures has been non-existent as a result.

Until now.

Granted, I still have a research paper to write and an exam to study for, but I figured that I deserved a little break after writing 30 plus pages in a five day period. (Sleep....what's that?)

Anyway, I've grown tired of flimsy, overly expensive plastic bases that do practically nothing in helping metal figures stay upright. So I recalled something my friend Ben had done with some of his figures: use fender washers. It weighs them down better and, as he says, adds a satisfying heft to the models. So I went to Home Depot after class yesterday and picked up a box of 100 1/4" x 1-1/4" washers.  While a bit pricey at $14, I figured it was cheaper than paying $45 (before tax) for 100 Games Workshop bases. Plus these washers are a bit larger and allow for more modelling on the base itself...which, for me, is half the fun in this hobby.

After getting home I dug into my bits box and pulled out a lone, unbased Old Glory Continental soldier. He looked a bit small on the washer initially, but things looked better as I started applying some coarse pumice gel. That stuff, by the way, is amazing for modelling purposes! It works great for 15mm, 25mm, 28mm....probably even 54mm too (though that's a scale I have no experience with).

Anyway, here's the result:

I'm resisting the urge to paint him up because, you know, I still have schoolwork and stuff to do. But I have some new painting techniques I want to try out before my a new set of figures arrive.

The new set? Here's a big hint....

¡Adios amigos y amigas!

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