Sunday, June 2, 2013

WIP: Bane Wolf - Part I

I've decided to build a new sort of tank for my 40k Death Korps regiment - a nasty little thing called the Bane Wolf. What does it do, you might ask? It shoots out poison gas and has a hull mounted flame thrower. Because  nothing says "I loathe you" to an opponent more than gassing their army and then turning the corpses into charcoal. Not to mention it's also very, very World War I-ish. So it seems appropriate.

A dry fitting after I cut some of the pieces from the sprue. Unlike previous 40k tanks I've built, they all fit together rather well and shouldn't have much of a problem staying glued together.

I began painting the tank pieces after priming them. This is something new I'm trying with this vehicle. Instead of gluing everything together, priming, and then painting I'm painting the pieces as I go along. It takes a bit more time but I think delivers a superb, clean look. Eventually this tank is going to be covered in French WWI camouflage (hence the blue). My work with Flames of War tanks has definitely made me more confident about doing vehicles.

Everything was going fine until....

I realized I had glued the front hatch to the wrong section of the hull! I may have in fact uttered a few choice words at this moment....

I tried prying the hatch cover off, but it wasn't budging.

This is where the MacGyver skills my friend Ben taught me came in handy, however. 

I've gotten in the habit of scrounging things that may be useful for modelling. Rocks, sticks, coffee stirrers, etc. Basically, I'm always on the lookout for useful items for the bits box. While walking to work, as it happened, I found a piece of a shredded American Express gift card. Thinking that its grooved, gold chip might be useful I picked it up. Not 24 hours later it came in quite useful! While it's not perfect, it'll work for now. Especially since I'm probably going to find something to further cover the hatch.

More pieces painted and ready to go! I'm actually surprised by how quickly this bad boy's coming together. Stay tuned for more updates!

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