Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Project: Civil War Medical Diorama

Greetings all!

Since moving out to Washington, DC I have become involved in a number of historic sites. One of these is the Lee-Fendall House in Alexandria, VA. It was built by a relative of Robert E. Lee's father in 1785 and served as a private residence until the Civil War. The home became a Union hospital and saw hundreds of sick and wounded soldiers pass through its doors, several of whom later died. Their bodies were stored in a dead house constructed in the back yard before being taken away by wagons.

To commemorate this chapter in the home's history, the museum staff and volunteers are putting together a new Civil War exhibit. Featured prominently will be a diorama made by your's truly, which will show how wounded soldiers were evacuated from the battlefield and transported to hospitals in the Washington, DC area.

A fundraiser has been set up to collect money for this project. We don't need a lot....just $150 to cover the materials. You can check out the Razoo page at:

This is an exciting opportunity! I've dreamed of doing a museum diorama for years and now I finally get the chance to do it!

Stay tuned for updates!