Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Civil War Medical Diorama: Part X

After many, many months I am pleased to report that the diorama is finished!

It was an ambitious project....perhaps too ambitious. After all, the time I had to work on it was between graduate classes, work, and more work. I think it turned out pretty well given the circumstances though.

The diorama in its completed form.

Here we see two men helping a wounded officer into the back of an ambulance. As soon as the patient is secured, the driver will take him to the waiting hospital train.

Once all the patients are loaded, these cars will be connected to a locomotive that will take them by rail to Alexandria, VA. They will then be unloaded and taken to one of the many hospitals in the city like the Grosvener Annex. 

One of the downsides to all this is going back and noticing little things that I could have done differently. However, unlike others ::cough::George Lucas::cough:: I am going to leave it alone and let it stand as it is. I've put a lot into this project, but now the diorama belongs to the visitors of Lee-Fendall House.

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